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Create Your Beautiful Dream Room

In the Consultation, I will teach you how to harness the flow of Chi which helps to rebalance your Emotional, Financial and Loving Energy.

Feng Shui is a really gentle intuitive method to take back your Space, and thereby improve your Future Success, with all aspects of your life.

Reassurance for letting go of objects which may be holding you back and powerful Energy enhancements.

Which room would you like to make changes to first?

Consultations via Zoom for 1 Hour. £222.00 per Room

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Book A Complimentary Call

If you are wanting to explore working with me, on a 1-2-1 basis. You are really welcome to book a free 15 minute private Zoom call with me. During these short sessions you will be able to ask me any questions you have, as well as receive Guidance and Clarity from myself to help you. You can book one of these complimentary calls via the button below.

Work with me, on a 1 to1 Basis

This is where I love to share with you how to grow, and expand your Life.

This starts with your living Space which is a reflection of what’s happening internally. How your Surroundings maybe holding you back!

Are you planning on working from home and don’t know where to start, or just looking for a Fresh start after Lockdown?

Through Virtual Zoom, I will teach you how to:
Attract your ideal clients - through your (Avatar),
Your Bespoke 4 x Auspicious Compass Directions, for Relationships, Health, Affluence & Wisdom,
Dowsing for Geopathic Stress from your Floor plan. ~ The Benefits of Clearing any negative Geopathic Stress may assist you with better sleep, health, and Abundance,
5 Elements, Colour, Décor and Accessories guidance,
Crystal Advice, ~ The most powerful Crystals to use and where.

Meditation, Protection, Nutrition, Bach Flower Remedies, Natural Skincare Products
Recommended reading list
Price £1,111.00

Before the Consultation
Please provide a floor plan and your Date of Birth. Any Building work you are planning on in the future, or when any major building work was last completed.
Any important information about previous owners, (predecessor Chi) please bring a brand new note pad and a brand new pen / pencil.

About Ali J

My Feng Shui Journey started around 1996 whilst working at Heathrow
I was 23, single at the time and had a Wonderful group of friends
I'd started reading books about Personal Development, Aspirations, Psychology and Interior Design

 I was reading a Magazine, and found a really interesting article on Feng Shui

The Guidance was really easy to understand, if you applied the basics to your own space where you lived, you could change certain aspects of your life

So when I did the assessment I realised I had a rubbish bin in my relationship corner, and a Wardrobe! maybe that was why I was single for so long

After moving my waste paper bin, and placing a picture of a happy couple, I wrote a list of qualities in a partner, and similar interests I was looking for, Lo and behold - The Universe delivered, and I met Anthony, at Heathrow and the relationship blossomed for a couple of years
With this newly discovered Feng Shui principles and quick results I was really inspired, so I trained for 2 years with The Feng Shui Network International

The training included:
Feng Shui for Life,
Advanced Earth Acupuncture,
Dowsing and Sacred Landscape,
Space Clearing and creating a Sacred Space,
Geomancy and Sacred Architecture
& much more

I have loved learning about energy, over the last 25 years and how to manage it, and applying these principles enables me to maintain a positive lifestyle and help people

This is what makes my heart sing

Nigel and I have been married for over 18 years and we have 2 children Thomas and Charlotte, (my relationship corners have a different theme for each room)

Ali J Rennie Tropic skincare

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Tropic is my Joy

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