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My Feng Shui Journey started around 1996 whilst working at Heathrow
I was 23, single at the time and had a Wonderful group of friends
I'd started reading books about Personal Development, Aspirations, Psychology and Interior Design

 I was reading a Magazine, and found a really interesting article on Feng Shui

The Guidance was really easy to understand, if you applied the basics to your own space where you lived, you could change certain aspects of your life

So when I did the assessment I realised I had a rubbish bin in my relationship corner, and a Wardrobe! maybe that was why I was single for so long

After moving my waste paper bin, and placing a picture of a happy couple, I wrote a list of qualities in a partner, and similar interests I was looking for, Lo and behold - The Universe delivered, and I met Anthony, at Heathrow and the relationship blossomed for a couple of years

With this newly discovered Feng Shui principles and quick results I was really inspired, so I trained for 2 years with The Feng Shui Network International

The training included:
Feng Shui for Life,
Advanced Earth Acupuncture,
Dowsing and Sacred Landscape,
Space Clearing and creating a Sacred Space,
Geomancy and Sacred Architecture
& much more

I have loved learning about energy, over the last 25 years and how to manage it, and applying these principles enables me to maintain a positive lifestyle and help people

This is what makes my heart sing

Nigel and I have been married for over 18 years and we have 2 children Thomas and Charlotte, (my relationship corners have a different theme for each room)

Talks, Workshops & Publications

Talks, Workshops and Publications

Interview With Ali

BBC Radio Solent with Lou Hannan

09 March 2023

15.30 - 16.30hrs

BBC Radio Solent with Alun Newman

The Mystery Guest

21st January 2021

Positive Living Group

Ali's interview with Jackie White coming soon

Ali's Radio interview with Xan Phillips on Voice fm

April 2020

Ali's Interview with Alun and Lou BBC Radio Solent

16th March 2020

From Planet Mindful Magazine Journalist, Anna Turns has written an article on Autumn
She asked for Ali's Feng Shui advice on how we approach Autumn

Issue 7, October 2019

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Client Love

You were amazing and so inspirational last night Ali, thank you.  Livtar Kaur - Sushmuna yoga, Vegan and Raw Food

I was lucky enough to have a taster session with Ali J Rennie who is a lovely light filled, kind and an intuitive individual. She gave me some amazing tips to increase abundance and help with family. What makes Ali different from other Feng Shui is her amazing intuitive ability which makes it a truly bespoke experience.

I have since put into place her recommendations and there has definitely been a change in the energy and feel of the house. Even my business has become busier. Highly recommend!
Melinda Annear, Chrysalis Transformation ~ Kinesiology

I was lucky enough to meet Ali over the Christmas period, our paths definitely crossed for a reason.

I was in need of some help and guidance, so the match was perfect timing for a consultation.

Like everyone, I have areas of my life that need improving and things I feel I need to work on. These get pushed to the side as life simply gets in the way, running out of time for self care and energy to focus on myself. The session I had with Ali, not only gave me the tools to help myself, but instructions as such on how to use them.

I received Ming Kua numbers, to help with different areas of my life, and how to Feng Shui them into my home. I am a firm believer myself in the healing powers of crystals, and energy, and found this to compliment that perfectly. Ali not only helped me to envisage the future I want, but aided in how I can bring this to fruition, leaving me feeling positive and determined. She even guided me through a meditation, which was lovely to share.

Since my consultation, I am happy to report that ... I GOT THE VISA. One of the first, but a major stepping stone to my future.

 I highly recommend working with Ali if you feel in need of any guidance, support or tools for improving your life.

Whether this is love, career, health, wellbeing, peace. I have no doubt that Ali will be able to help, and you will leave feeling refreshed, vitalised and ready for life.

Thank you Ali, I cannot wait for our paths to cross again. Charlie Thomas, ~ Crystal Healer

Whilst I've always had a healthy interest/intrigue around Feng Shui, I was sceptical so have never taken the time to find out what it was all about - in my mind, it was simply about moving furniture around!

I was keen to take Ali up on her kind offer of a mini session - she asked for a rough layout of our home (expected and the birth dates of my husband and I (mmmm - maybe it wasn't all about furniture?! )

 It wasn't!

At my very basic understanding, it is about the flow of energy into and within the house, with each room direction enhancing or hindering our individual 'directions' (based in our birth dates in all areas of life. I asked for help with our property development plans - largely to be my husband's project - we've had 18 months of searching/ finding/ offers/ rejections/ disappointments.......

My own business 'direction' is all flowing nicely (the conservatory - mainly where I work with clients! My husband's business 'direction' is our utility room - oh my life! If ever there was a cluttered space where EVERYTHING we want to hide from my clients, a space where stuff is dumped on almost a daily basis, it's the utility room!

Cue, mass de-cluttering of the utility room!

It took a few days (!) but when de-cluttered, the VERY next day we had an offer on a property, ripe for renovation, accepted - we complete the purchase at the end of this month!

Coincidence or not? You decide!

Now to keep the utility clutter free!

Jane Cooke, Coach at Dress Rehearsal and Founder at FRW in Business


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